Thursday, June 23, 2011

Habitat, pt. III

All moved in. All painted. So not unpacked. Or organized, but organized is overrated... right?

Some improvements I've made:
Bygel pot rack

Quite possibly the best addition I installed myself. The wall was empty and I was out of cupboard space for my frying and sauce pans. I probably have too many. Frying pans, that is. Two cast iron, and three Revereware. One is nonstick. The bar and hooks came from IKEA, their Bygel series. My only complaint is that it didn't come with screws or drywall anchors. But given the weight this is bearing, it's better to sink the screws into a stud anyway.

A pot lid rack near the stove. Less in the arena of awesome installation, but space saving and convenient. It's a decorate plate display rack being cleverly re-purposed. Admittedly, I didn't want to get rid of it, but had no where to put it and display a plate or three, and the idea came to me when the lids tumbled out of the cupboard.

Quick and dirty [okay, very clean] cupboard cover. Clearly not a door, it's a curtain on a pressure rod. But it's pretty, and pretty handy at covering up my pile of Tupperware. And yes, the red shelving unit in there is actually a milk crate.

Also handy: this shelving unit of two separate pieces, a Barrister bookcase and a hutch. It works. The Barrister is mine, the hutch was here, and the Barrister happens to fit on top of the hutch, glory be to the Father. But I look at it and think I should get some semi-opaque frosted contact paper for the glass. Like the stuff people put on bathroom windows after the fact.

Also not installed, the computer monitor in the fireplace. The fireplace isn't safe to use for multitudinous reasons, and I looked at it as a wasted opportunity for storage... until I discovered that my desktop computer got the best wireless reception in this part of the room, and I didn't want to clutter up the table with the monitor. I have bits of fabric and books and lesson plans to accomplish that task. I did see a clever bookshelf made to fit inside an unusable fireplace. But I'm not that handy.

I'm still trying to be creative with storage solutions and organization tailor made for the space.

Oh, and cat, in her natural habitat.

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