Monday, June 20, 2011

K Basement, 1st installment

The fun and excitement... painting walls and trim, assembling furniture, discovering a corroded pipe under the utility sink, arranging the room, hanging curtains, rearranging the room to accommodate a neurotic desktop computer, discovering a corroded pipe under the kitchen sink, dangling by a bit of PVC, hauling three neurotic cats to church for half the day while the house is flea bombed, discovering that the plumbing under the bathroom sink is also corroded, installing a curtain wire for a faux Dutch bed, discovering the measurements were slightly off and there's a bend in the one point bracket. Fantastic.

Place looks like a bomb dropped and class was canceled for the week due to lack of enrollment. Huzzah, that means the doors can be painted. Again. 

the truth is stranger than fiction. I couldn't make this up. The pilot light will be re-lit tomorrow sometime - we had to turn it off to set off the bombs - and the plumber comes Wednesday to fix the faucets in the bathroom sink so that there's hot and cold water, the mechanism to stop up the tub works, replace the pipes under the kitchen sink, and have a look at aforementioned leaky plumbing under the aforementioned bathroom sink. Pictures to come later.

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