Thursday, June 30, 2011

steppy-stool. and The Hobbit

A. Love "The Hobbit". And LOTR.
B. YAY Peter Jackson!!!
C.1 Alas, however epic awesome this is for Benedict Cumberbatch (our old pal Smaug the dragon) and Martin Freeman (ahem, Bilbo) GUYS!!! Both of you?! SHERLOCK!!!
C.2 I need a steppy-stool
D. I want Bilbo's
E. But I think I'll have to make it myself, because this isn't going to be one of the "officially licensed" objects from the movie.

I was drawing up sketches last night, knowing I had seen this little guy somewhere, but unsure of the where part. And then I remembered -  The Hobbit!! My knowledge of seating and step construction being minimal compared to tables, I wasn't entirely sure how it would bear weight. Didn't look up the finer points of wood seating and steps because it was late and I really should have been asleep.

(sketches - bottom right in box is Bilbo's. roughly.)

I figured the steps would have to constructed in some sort of tongue and groove fashion. I'm not so terribly concerned with making and exact copy as I am with just liking the design of the piece. And being in need of a steppy stool for reaching the high places in my kitchen and climbing into bed. I'd probably make it out of poplar or maple. Poplar if I decided to paint, and maple because I really don't like the look of oak.

Who do I know with a router or dado blade on their table saw.....

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