Thursday, June 30, 2011

kaleidoscope batik project

still in pieces
This project has been in the works for quite a while. I picked up the first bit of batik at Calico Corner in Erie, PA... which I'm not sure is even open any more, or if they moved (I hope they just moved).
Some of the dark blue came from the remnant bin of a fabric shop in Canterbury, England. The majority of the beige-ish fabric came from Creative Reuse Pittsburgh during their fabric and yarn sale - 70" for $2. I almost went into cardiac arrest. I knew I needed something - and a lot of that something - to give harmony to this project, and this muted mustard yellow/olive green was just the thing. The blues weren't cutting it. I'm not a huge fan of blue in the first place, but most of these reminded me of the color of water.

There are three obvious spheres in the photograph that draw attention to themselves, two sort of halvesies in the opposite corners.  I had seen a kaleidoscope quilt at a show in Erie two summers ago that had less contrast  in the overall design and a  few spheres that stood out, which I liked a lot better than a clipping of a Kaffe Fassat kaleidoscope I had saved for reference purposes. 

Free associations include

 oil on water.
opposites attract.
star cluster.
when worlds collide

I don't remember the dimensions, but its about a twin. I don't like it in it's current state. It needs something to encapsulate and contain it. 

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