Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beaver Valley Piecemakers Quilt Show, part four

 Still more from the BVPS, which opened on Friday October 12th.

 N by NW
30.75 x 30.75
Sally Iden, Rochester, PA
Professionally machine quilted by Linda Bauman

Oriental Circles
49 x 57
Alicia Huffman, Beaver, PA
Professionally machine quilted by Sharon Donahue

I made a summer yukata [kimono] out of this koi fabric, hence the attraction...

Coral Kaleidoscope
62 x 75
Ruth Brodsky, Finleyville, PA
Professionally quilted by Ruth Ann Lowery

Mai Tais in Paradaise
54 x 63
Rita Paliotte, Monaca, PA
Professionally machine quilted by Linda Bauman

Summer Day 
30 x 21
Shelia Drevna, Beaver Falls, OH
Machine quilted by self

Dottie Delight
90 x 108
Donna Martin, Pittsburgh, PA
Professionally machine quilted by Linda Bauman


smkyqtzxtl said...

Honestly, If you had some of your pieces in that show they would be just as nice or better. You have a better sense of color and pattern and hand quilt instead of relying on the machine.

smkyqtzxtl said...
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misso stitches said...

I understand why people opt for machine quilting - it's sturdier than hand quilting, beieve it or not, and I would have entered something for consideration into this show, except that I had a migraine this summer, so the daisy didn't get finished, and I think they had a size constraint, so the ocean waves was out. Georgia from the Backroom Quilters scoffs and says to just lie and adjust where the hanging pocket is, and they can pin it up as they need to.

I'm not sure how I feel about it, but then she said the ocean needed to be entered in a show, so I'm going to go for it. Maybe not Three Rivers, but maybe the Hands all around? The daisy should be done in time for that.

AmandaJoy said...

Dearie, you don't still have my yukata pattern do you? I've been looking everywhere for it...

misso stitches said...

Hmm, I will take a look in the box with the other patterns. I don't think I still have it, but I'll double check - if I have it, it'll be there.

smkyqtzxtl said...

I think you should go for Three Rivers, Why not? I think the Ocean Waves is ready for a debut.