Wednesday, October 24, 2012

less than ordinary

Tuesday I had an interview south of the city for a subbing position, so afterward I decided to swing by Quilter's Corners in Finleyville, which I'd been promised had considerable wow factor. I wasn't disappointed. I'm not sure they could get more fabric in there if they tried, but it did not feel overcrowded. They had a wonderful selection of batiks and hand-dyed, reproductions, "shabby chic", and black and white. The three previous I would have intentionally gone for, but did not end up purchasing anything from those categories.

I wanted 2 yards of a wide backing in a deep purple for the back of Ordinary Time, which they didn't have, and frankly I wasn't surprised. I spent a while looking at the batiks, convinced I'd find a suitable purple for my plans. I wound up with 5 yards of a Kaffe [and I didn't realize it's pronounced Kaif] Fassett weave that they had in this amazing red amalgamation.

Not what I had planned on. But I haven't seen anything else that spoke to me and said "I'm the one!" the way this red did. The recipients have red accents in their living room. It's so luscious and subtle at the same time, that I think that will be appealing, and when folded over, will pick up the red in the top without conflicting too much with the green print, which itself has flecks of red in it. I almost wish I'd have seen this first; I'd have just done a throw for them out of this and done a whole cloth which would have saved a whole lot of time. That is life.

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smkyqtzxtl said...

I love the red fabric you found. They will love it when you finish it. Be sure to publish pictures.