Monday, February 25, 2013

Goodwill FTW

The Goodwill across the river has recently instated a student discount. Score one. So aside from the fact that I've been loosing weight [safely and intentionally] and I had no pants that fit, it was a huge score number two that I found four pairs of pants on Saturday - after thinking  okay, quietly freaking out, that my wallet had been stolen [my purse was half open, what can I say?], leaving my cart unattended, driving home, finding out that really I had left my wallet sitting next to my computer the whole time, and then driving back to the GW to find my cart *exactly* where I had left it, with nothing out of place. They were just that busy. Because honestly, I avoid thrift shops like the plague on weekends because getting there is a pain, parking is a pain, there's a million people there, someone inevitably muscles their way ahead of you into the dressing room even though you were there first waiting for it for 15 minutes ... I was spoiled by growing up in a low population area. But I found a bunch of nice clothes for student teaching, and a pair of gently worn Clarks. [I may be ready to squeeze into some sixes, but I still feel like a 14.] Will be saving a trip to Macy's for another day - did not realize that the birthday card stipulated that it included an outing :)

Also, while I was there, I found 4 Duquesne tee shirts! FOUR! This was the nicest of the bunch, so home it came. Had I been student teaching at WT, Brookline, B-W, Mt. L, a handful of Catholic schools in the metro area, or [really?] of all places, Hopewell, I could have scored a tee to round out my list of accomplishments, but no such luck.  Will just have to do a web search for a thrift shop out there towards my placement, or something. 

do cats count as photo-bombers?

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