Thursday, February 28, 2013

Read Across America Madness

Or, the things we do for love. Let's not talk about what I went through tonight to get the 24th student picture for a bulletin board, after the inevitable "Hey, where's my picture?" happened today, and I found out yesterday that I'd sent my pictures to the wrong store for pick up. And then I got stuck in rush hour downtown traffic looking for the right store that the pictures were at, and picked the wrong store. Twice. For three hours [because, silly me had no idea that there's a building going up from scratch down there, blocking all kinds of roads]. Are my elephant ears for "Horton hears a Who" made for tomorrow? Did I get to practice reading "Fox in Socks"? Nope. But that kid's picture is going to be on the bulletin board. These are the days that make me think I just might fail student teaching.

Anyway, Miss Honey for the win. While I was running around not knowing where pictures were, she was tracking down cupcake carriers and extra cupcake pans that I don't already own for sneech  cupcakes, which I ended up baking in ice cream cake cones, to help cut down on clean up.

And yes. That is totally the washer and dryer in the background. Perk #687 of living in my apartment.

As part of Read Across America Day, I put together a bulletin board featuring each student in the class, Miss Honey and myself, and our favorite [children's] book[s].

 Mine, that were picture books, included Elfwyn's Saga, which my grandparents had autographed by the author, David Wisniewski, for my fifth birthday, and Slinky Malinky, by Lynley Dodd.

Bad Kitty, in all her bad forms, was banned as a choice, because everyone likes her so much.

So we took a group shot of kids "reading" behind every Bad Kitty book that Miss Honey and I possessed. 

... and our door came out super cute! The kids had so much fun making a sock for Fox! We only had a little difficulty getting the basket to stay up there in the first place. I brought socks from my own collection in to hangout for the week. There have been some great looking doors in the first floor hallway, I must say, I am a little nervous about what the results of the contest will be!
[what, me, competitive? nah...]

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