Tuesday, February 19, 2013

owl be darned.

it's been almost two years since I initially posted on this; [but a really long time ago] I discovered that a ceramics company had an owl canister that I really wanted to paint [cue the dream sequence music to travel back in time] In the last two years, they added two sizes, and a mug, and I got a set of salt-and-pepper shakers for Christmas this past year. And I realized that I never updated about it at all. The big canister, the Great Horned Owl, is cookie jar sized. The Snowy Owl holds a small bag of brown sugar. The Scopes owl is very small, and holds either hard candy/ a large bag of cough drops or matches and a lighter or what ever else I can think of in small quantity.

As I planned, the canisters turned out to be Hedwig and Pidwidgeon, and the largest owl is a Great Horned, which is something or another in the Harry Potter series. I just don't remember whose.

This really cute necklace was a present for my birthday this year [as were these pants!]

And there was this super cute owl planter that I painted, just because it was there. It's staring at me from across the room holding my sewing scissors, reminding me of something I said earlier, and someone who was staring entirely too much this morning and weirding me out [am I the only person in the world who pops out with randomness when they feel nervous?! some days I swear I must be!] Wise of me to say what I said? Likely not. But I'm highly sensitive about being stared at. Next time it happens, I just might pop out with something [polite] about my skirt being stuck in an awkward place or something, because I'm uncomfortable and I'm tired of it.

Worst picture ever; the top part is more green [seafoam], the bottom is more blue [turquoise]. It's the lighting in the picture.

Have you had enough of the owl goodness? Apparently there's earrings that match the necklace. I'm on a thusfar less than successful man - erm - owl-hunt.


smkyqtzxtl said...

You are so punny kid, love the owl pj's too. Love your owls

misso stitches said...

The owl necklace was from Miss Honey :) When I wear it, it makes noise, and the kids say that it is trying to fly away