Friday, February 22, 2013

take a look, it's in a book.

For the record, any further references to "Miss Honey" are in regards to my cooperating teacher. This is in an effort to protect the innocent... guilty... passive bystanders... and yes, this is in reference to Miss Jenny Honey, from Matilda, by Roald Dahl. If she's reading this, and takes offence and would prefer I not mention her at all, or would prefer a different ninja name, she can text me [like now, and with a different name].  In my defense, I do mean it as a huge compliment, as Miss Honey is an awesome teacher and a child whisperer. [Also, she's the only teacher I can think of off the top of my head from literature that wasn't Jane Eyre, or someone from Hogwarts that was ancient. And Miss Honey was El. Ed.].

Badnews bears on the door - the librarian is also doing Oh the Places You'll Go, and was having kids draw books... and had some sort of contest going along with it... my genius plan is dead in the water. Miss Honey is totally keeping the OtPYG ball rolling, just in a different direction. So instead of books... hot air balloons...? Pinterest and I are going to be very good friends this weekend. And perhaps the Ellison machine downtown, since there isn't a die at school. I may even have yellow and purple paper. We have to come up with something before this Friday. Since we can't go with a physical location, we're focusing more on the subject of the book, which is more of a this is how life may turn out, and ask the students to think of goals - long or short term.

"reading can get us new places, it's true;
here are some of the places we're going to get to!"

Also, I'm now teaching spelling, and math, and science/social studies. The Hanaford grocery bag, while sweet, is not cutting it. Time to find something serious to carry everything in.  But it seems I have expensive taste - the less whistles, bells, fobs, knobs and hardware, the more expensive the bag. Why is that? Two handles, a pocket and a large interior, that's all I'm asking for. I don't want to spent $385 for it. I did find a nice Fossil, in raucous colors, on sale for under a hundred... don't know if I'll jump on it or not. I should look on eBay... there's usually something on eBay...

In the meantime, it's time to play "shuffle things around in the apartment to make room for the things from Grandpa". Like a clock that nods to the Atomic era, but with knives, forks and slotted spoons. [Yet another] Crockpot, a Calphalon saucepan [I'm in love] and a 1.5 qt. cast iron enamelled Dutch oven in candy apple red - it says "Bella" on the bottom, which is probably why the world's most impulsive shopper bought it.  If it's Italian, it is clearly and obviously superior. We must have it. (In this case, it cleans well)

hands of the calphalon

gold coast plate cover

It was also time to put up [yet another] switch plate cover. And this awesome gift basket is going to hold eggs now. Which is fabulous, because the other egg basket was too big for this spot, and now holds yarn. 

The Lyd will fight you for the couch with her bare paws.

The Lyd and I have been fighting over playing "who gets to sit on the sofa", which is sad, because there is now less space on the sofa, thanks to the addition of three matchy-matchy throw pillows; thank you Grandpa. They match the one I already had!

My other other project for the weekend includes fixing the bottom curtain on the fairytale bed that's been falling off because the rod is broken- if I can find the monster cup hooks that is. And maybe working on a tiny greenhouse, now that I have the hardware. And writing thank you notes to the class for their birthday wishes. I may need to buy more thank you cards. And for Miss Honey's understudy, that's saying something.

Time to turn off the alarm; someone is sleeping in tomorrow morning. yay sleep. 

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