Monday, April 29, 2013

and I sewed something else...

This was Friday night, before the pirate swag bag. I was going to make a strip and flip with this, but I realised that I didn't really have enough to make a strip and flip - for my non-quilter friends that's when you cut a bunch of strips, maybe 2 1/2 inches wide, usually the whole width of the yardage you've bought, from selvage to selvage [those are the sides, the sides that don't unravel]  and sew them together lengthwise, then you cut these into strips and you have what sort of look like piano keys, except when you sew these cut strips together, you flip every other row. Strip and flip. Clearly, not all the fabric I was cutting from was 45" wide. Some of it was 22 1/2".

Do you see how I might have a problem? Like a fabric shortage problem? So, I'm going to improvise. Haven't quite figured out how. 

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