Thursday, April 18, 2013

the little school quilt that could.

This is what I was doing while the fabric squares weren't color setting - hunting down fabric for the class quilt. Not the best idea to start out at 4 in the afternoon, but I've lost my sense of time and didn't realize how late it had gotten - I should know better, I used to live out that way. The big box fabric store didn't have anything I was really looking for, but there's also a quilt shop in the North Hills that is very accommodating and has a great selection of fabrics. As requested by Miss Honey and in keeping with the theme of "favorite memory from school", I tried finding fabrics that had something to do with school or things we studied. I'm usually not one for kitsch, but some of the things I found aren't that bad. 

telling time, trees, a map for cardinal directions, butterflies
Seuss, Grammar, plants, math, coffee, cupcakes

[the colors are off but] south western fabric similar to the wool blankets we read about and I had example of that the Dine [Navajo] make. Owls, which were featured on bulletin boards in the room and on the door. And a [February] calendar for learning to read calendars. Also because, even though this calendar was from 2008 and is a leap year, all the days happen in the right places, which means this is what our February looked like. I'll just put something over the 29. 

What do cupcakes and coffee have to do with anything? The cupcakes were a no brainer; I made cupcakes at least twice and then Miss Honey surprised me with them on my last day. I saw the beans on the fabric and couldn't resist. I love coffee. I got to school and found out Miss Honey loves coffee. I loved that there was a coffee maker at school, and I could throw everything in there, walk away and poof, there would be hot coffee, unlike a French press, which requires constant attention. I can't remember what day I started making coffee, but she loved that I got to school before her and there was a hot, fresh pot brewed when she arrived - "You do all this [teach] AND you make coffee?!" I loved that she had creamer in the fridge and was kind enough to share. By the end of my tenure, the First Grade cohort also had Celebrate Friday with Starbucks because I easily passed one on my way to school. Sensing a theme? No coffee, no school; it's a truth universally acknowledged. That a Kurig was purchased as a gift for the teacher's lounge for Christmas I feel rather confirms this. 

all that's left now is to decide with what color I'm going to tie it all together. [and the back, but that can come later.] 

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