Tuesday, April 23, 2013

prime[r] time

Let me open this post with the caveat that I discovered that I don't actually own a screwdriver. Of any persuasion. Lies; I do own the kind you fix your sunglasses with. Yup, the record has been set straight. No people sized screwdrivers. Okay, now you can keep reading.

So the fish bowl terrarium is kicking along swimmingly - it may need another gnome or owl from Targe's garden section; we'll have to see what this season's selection has to offer. My friend was in town for the Singing City event this past weekend, and we did what we always do when she's in town - drive out to IKEA [we also found the new-ish Goodwill store while we were there, and the Volkwein's music store]. I'm not sure why we always drive out to IKEA... but we do... and oggle the housewares and such... which is funny because neither of us really has a house or needs housewares. I contemplated the trundle beds and futons. Briefly. [the Rapunzel /Sleeping Beauty/Princess and the Pea bed gets old sometimes - also, there was talk of getting a different bed for my room at the parent's house, and I'm madly curious about the merits of a trundle over a futon, which I'm convinced are stuffed with anger, hatred and the tears of sad puppies.]
We both managed to leave without buying any furniture - and A drives a Prius now, which means she actually has a trunk with a hatch to put things in. Unlike her last car, which was a bit like riding around in a cut off cardboard box. She will confirm this.

I used to have this mossy stuff  growing in the fishbowl that didn't quite take, and there were pots of it at IKEA [sometimes you have to check and make sure it's really alive... as opposed to plastic]  So I brought it home to transplant some into the fishbowl and remembered that I have picture frames that were supposed to be turned into a terrarium from last summer gathering dust at the bottom of my closet. Time to do something about that. Literally; there's time.

Sanding and primer time! I had the foresight to put everything in the box - the mending plates, the screws, the  hinges, the tack cloth, and all the glass and the frames. I even had a can of spray primer kicking around left over from this project . I vaguely followed the directions laid out by Country Living - by vaguely, I mean I have most of the materials listed, but that's about it. Didn't get the frames in the recommended sizes, because I found some at PCR for a dollar, and I wasn't about to argue with that. Probably should have waited to prime the whole thing until after it was put together, but I think it's just going to add to the minimally distressed look. Besides, I can always do it later. Again.

This is the point at which I wanted to begin assembly. And discovered I do not own a screwdriver; no Philips heads or flat. I don't have any orange juice either, so no wise cracks. What do I own? 4 hammers. Yup. 4. facepalm.


AmandaJoy said...

I confirm. The Nissan had many merits, but cargo space was certainly not one of them.

misso stitches said...

My brother was convinced we could get a dresser in the trunk of his Nissan. We got it wedged in there... I question the legality of driving with it bungeed the way we did.

My next car will have a hatch. No more of this sedan nonsense.