Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm not sure how they work, but I got my ears pierced a second time today. And by "not sure how they work" I mean the backs on the earrings. The last time I did this I was five-ish? I think I'm wearing earrings my kindergarten picture... I remember thinking 6 weeks seemed like a ridiculous amount of time [I also think this was before I broke my arm and had to wear a cast for 6 weeks at the end of school and the beginning of summer].

A friend of mine went with me, and her only comment afterward was "Oh my God, why are you bleeding purple?! Oh, wait, I forgot they marked where they were going to pierce your ear with a pen first..."

To which I popped out with "Well, if you must know, my blood actually is purple; you found me out, I'm really from another planet..." I knew I had a sense of humor inside me somewhere.

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