Monday, April 29, 2013

so I went home and sewed something...

I stayed up until two in the morning finishing it [not today, over the weekend], but it actually turned out pretty nice. And ... big. I probably could have cut down the front panel and the image context wouldn't have been lost. But what's done is done. It has two interior pockets; one of them zippered, and an interior divider [does that make it four interior pockets?], and three exterior pockets with two pen holders.

It holds a laptop - that's the laptop in there, incase you are wondering. The bag isn't padded, so without a protective sleeve, I wouldn't just shove a lappy in there. But it'll hold one. I did use a heavy interfacing for the bottom and thin sides of the bag. I think the only thing it needs is a button for the back ruffle pocket. I had wussy, skinny elastic instead of really wide stuff, which is probably why it's slouchy. The pocket on the back could have been placed lower, and one of the straps as a twist in it that I will need to untwist [it was two in the morning. sweing at two in the morning is a bda idea.] 

Did I use a pattern? Not really no... I looked at tutorials on how to make gathered pockets, but those didn't tell me what I wanted to know, so I had to run with it. The back pocket is a giant rectangle; the bottom is gathered to the point that it matched the dimensions of the back exterior, and I cut the bottom corners to match the curve. The top part has a channel to hold the elastic. 

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