Wednesday, May 15, 2013

certification and other might-mares

There's a hitch [again] with my certification over paperwork listed and described simply as "Other". No one, as yet, has been able to explain what "other" means. I'm a bit put out by this, but since most of the communication has been via email, I'm thinking it's time to show up in person at [grad] school and show people what I printed out. [Printed from someone else's computer because my printer has now decided that taking a half an hour to print a page with a sentence of type on it is a fabulous idea. Sorry - I'm trying not to be snarky]. First the hold up was a physical form - where's the old physical form that is still current [AWOL], where's the form on the website, when can I get into my doctor... Now it's "other". Someone missed the lesson about not defining a word with itself in the sentence.

I might be able to sub before the end of the school year. I might not. I might get my placeholder letter in time. Then again...

I've also been trying to apply for part time jobs with corporations at this time. Why not a real teaching job you ask? See note about the placeholder letter: no letter, no proof that I completed my program. I need that letter. It's a little discouraging. I know if I apply to enough corporate jobs that someone will call me back. This placeholder letter is a little more time sensitive.

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