Thursday, May 23, 2013

the little class quilt that could, part 3 [I think]

my graphic designer friend and I were wandering around Lawrenceville a few weekends ago and we found this place that prints children's art work on clothing. I asked them what it would take to swing printing for a quilt and whyfor, and they said it wouldn't be a problem, but the images would need to be formatted. My GD friend edited the images into PDF format so that they could be printed out two by two. I'm very excited about this since I had been struggling with the initial format bleeding colors, trying to scan and print the images and then my printer deciding not to work - you can read about the initial entry here , the quilt fail here, and what I tried to do to solve the problem in the first place [unsuccessfully] here. I told them when school was out, and that I wanted the project done before then. They say that this should all be done and dusted before school is out.

Why am I holding my breath? Have you met me? Given how long it has taken for several other very important things to occur or for me to secure in the last few weeks, I'm waiting to hear that something has happened and that the process has stalled and they're very sorry but... I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up. It has been one thing after another around here, and I could use some good news.

Just got an email - the person I talked to about this is out of town until next week, so I'm not seeing any action on this until she gets back, because she's the one I talked to and knows the most about it [reasonable enough]. Sometime next week. Which means my students will likely not see the finished product while they're all still together as a class. Because I'm missing the most important element of this project. Headdesk. Live and learn. I may do this again, if I ever have my own class. But I will start in September. Or by then I'll have the bugs worked out of the process. It's all about learning, right? From your mistakes, right? [And making no promises.]

Here's a bit of good news - I finally [FINALLY!] got my did-everything-I-needed-to-do letter thanks to the guy at the graduate student affairs office who I swear has magical powers. And kapow, I am subbing tomorrow in a 3rd grade classroom. Not my kids, not even the district I was in when I student taught, but 3rd grade, which was actually what I had been hoping to student teach in initially - and then I found out where and what my placement was all about and my first thought was, great, 1st grade, again - and I have to drive where? Huh? [And shh, don't tell anyone, it was the best thing ever!] But no, seriously.

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