Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zigeunerleben - the gypsies

I can't hear the music anymore, so I'm thinking that the marathon is over... which means if I wanted to venture forth, I could probably do so unhindered by roadblocks.

Just pretend that there is purple in the gaping holes, k? Because now that the race is over I have to decide if I'm going to go get thread or not. Somehow I have run out of thread.

In case you missed the older posts from six months ago, this is a [now modified] project from Kaffe Fassett's V&A Quilts book, called Sarah's Gypsy Throw, after a quilt from the V&A collection by a woman named Sarah Wyatt, c. 1801. This is not a throw size anymore; I don't know what it's dimensions will come out to be when it's finished. Maybe a single?  

I also didn't exactly follow the directions in the book. There was a lot of "cut out these many triangles..." which made me a bit twitchy. I cut out squares, and put the right sides of the fabric together, marked the hypotenuse of the two right triangles on the back of the fabric square, which told me where my cutting line was, and used that mark as my seam allowance guide when I sewed [as if it was the raw edge and not in the middle of a square]. Triangles tend to not pull apart or stretch if sewn as a part of a square and are then cut rather than the individual pieces cut and then sewn together. Trust me, I'm a semi-professional. 

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