Friday, May 3, 2013

graduate graduation

so today it's official - I am a Duquesne University alumna [technically today at 5PM, but I'm not going to split hairs on this one].

I will however, make the distinction that I am a masters graduate, and not an undergrad. I bought that tee shirt five years ago. Yesterday, The Graces wanted to know if I bought the famous Red Ring that so many Duq grads own. I said I passed on that one - it is a very distinctive ring, yes, but I'd prefer not to not go into more debt at this point, especially over a piece of jewellry. And besides, if I'm going to own a red ring, I'd rather have a real ruby of equal size without a D etched into the top. One of the Graces, whose son is also graduating this weekend, from the Duquesne Law school, laughed and said for a real ruby in a setting, it would probably be cheaper. Her son, apparently, is not buying one either.

So, on that note, there won't be any crafting this weekend, because I'll be a little occupied with commencement [I know, pics or it didn't happen]... although, I should be getting two tops from my parent's house, and I have fabric for the England quilt. And the bubble jet set came in the mail and the fabric was treated this morning and is drying so I can do a test run in my printer at some point [God I hope it works!]


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