Saturday, May 4, 2013


Pics - oh, it happened.

Funny things happen at graduation - aside from random action shots of yourself waving your arms in the air. You see the other person that was placed at your building from your university in another program, and you both have one of those "Ohmigosh, whatter you doing here in the smurf blue get-up?!" moments. And you both say, "Oh. Right. We both earned Master's Degrees." JT was a cool guy. He saved my life on a couple of occasions [that pale smudge on the stairs in the first picture is actually him; our names were really close in the alphabet].

Also very random - but completely unrelated - every single one of my diploma covers; high school, bachelors, and now masters - are the same shade of red.

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smkyqtzxtl said...

so here are the pictures and yes it did happen, I was ther. so proud of you. you did it!