Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Rivers Quilt Show, Part 1

Going on this weekend is the Three Rivers Quilt Show! WOW! I knew people when I was growing up who would drive two hours to see this show, and now I know why. Incredible! This first installment are the quilts that I (whoops) didn't get information for, so I have no idea who crafted them, what the dimensions are... nothin'.I sincerely apologize for that oversight, but I didn't have a writing utensil with me to make notes in my program, and the camera card was full.

 There was Arabic [?] embroidered in the two hexagons on the bottom, but I don't know what it said. The piecework on this one blew me away, and I'm curious if this project stemmed from family ties or a photograph of something from a vacation. I should have read the placard next to it, and I didn't.

A lot of careful grain work went into this piece. A lovely pallet of neutrals paired with black.

"Trapunto-like" was the description of the quilting on this piece, which was remarkably dense in some places, no doublt aiding to the Trapunto effect. 

No, you're not wrong, these aren't pieces being judged in the show.  The two quilts were acting as table cloths at vendor stalls, and I liked the patterns. The chair, admittedly, made me groan, but being the DIY-er that I am, I decided that, with just the picture as reference, I could probably figure out how to rejuvenate a sad folding chair begging for new life without first spending $8 on a pattern. And if I ever get into an elementary classroom, this would be something fun to have around. 

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