Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tee-shirt monster, c.2011

On October 18th, I finally cut up the pile of old tee-shirts spanning from middle school through the present. I filled a 10 gallon plastic tub with the refuse and felt a sudden burning shame. Sure, the material was cotton, but to just throw them away...[this is what got me into trouble in the first place].

My plan was to make a tee-shirt quilt out of the screen prints. Okay, so that's still my plan with what to do with the screen print pictures. It's the rest of the tees that is the problem.

So I did a quick google search: "what to do with old teeshirts". and here are a few things. Besides a quilt. Which they will gladly do for a fee at... or you could ask me to do it for way less money.

Tee-shirt headband - CraftSnob
t-shirt-handbag - Craftbits
tee-shirt tug-a-toy - Craftbits
tee-shirt diaper - Natural Violet
t-shirt boa - Generation T
Poetic pocket square - Generation T
t-shirt placemats - Crafters Love Crafts
teeshirt doggy bed - The Eco Chic
napkins from old fabric - Greenworld 365
totebag - Instructables
toddler teeshirt dress - Grosgrain [my mother did this with rib knit tanks and seersucker one summer]
tee-shirt lappy case - MAKE
empire cut blouse - CutOutAndKeep
tee-shirt shrug also from CutOutAndKeep, and VERY cute. not something I'll be trying with any of the aforemention, re-purposed leftovers that I have.

None. Absolutely none of this research came to fruition. Not that I'm not glad to have it in the file folder, but I discovered that suddenly, actually finishing something was far more important to me than having projects laying around. Of which I have plenty.

Now that Lent is almost over, I think, in the spirit of Lenten disciplines, my "doing it for Lent" discipline will be to finish what I've started. No new projects. Completion. Salvaging what's left of something if the materials ran out. Which means I'll have to get creative, in some cases.But that is what it's all about.

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