Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Rivers Quilt Show, Part 2

Starting with the 100's which are classified as the THEME quilts; this year's is Irish Chain.  

                              "Celtic Chain"
                                 32" x 40"
                             P.G., Pgh, PA

"Spring Irish Chain Quilt"
74" x 74"
M.H., Cambridge Springs, PA

"Scrappy Irish Chain"
95" x 102"
K.A., Bethel Park, PA
Member, TRQG

"Rush to Spring"
82" x 82"
B.J.S, Pgh, PA
Member, TRQG

"Stamp Happy, Irish Scrappy"
100" x 100"
K.B., Aliquippa, PA 

"Watermllon Bliss"
97" x 113"
D.M., Coraopolis, PA

if D can enter a quilt at 113" when the entry form says no more than 100" max width, I should be able to enter the Ocean at 110". *peeved*.

Live and learn and there's always next year.

"Oriental Chain"
87" x 92"
D.M. (same maker as above), Coraopolis, PA

I don't know what this is, but I loved the Lily of the Valley detailing in the quilting and the applique in the corner.

*cannot confirm with out help*
#123, "Spring Irish Chain"
76.5" x 75.6"
M.R., Pgh, PA

This is tiny. I mean, tiny-tiny-tiny I couldn't get the whole thing in frame and put my thumb up as a reference and get the picture to come out clear. This whole thing was pieced, doesn't look like there was any "cheating".

"Doll Crib Quilt"
13" x 19.5"
A.D., Mt. Lebanon, PA

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