Tuesday, March 20, 2012

30's blue

Last summer I found a quilt at a garage sale that had probably been made in the 1930's. I paid a whopping $5 for it. By the look of it, someone intended to put one more row of blocks on it, but for what ever reason never finished. In it's original condition, it measured at 46" wide by 76" inches long - standard twin blankets are about 68" x 86", which was one thing that led me to believe it was unfinished. Another clue was that one of the corners was missing it's white triangle, and another had a doubly large one sewn on that was the same size as the other triangles along the side of the quilt that joined blocks together. I wasn't terribly interested in making 8 more blocks to match and round out the rest of the quilt at a width of 55", so I started this project by removing the three remaining white triangle corners. 

and adding corners of a 30's reproduction that was in my stocking for Christmas...

...and then sashed it with the blue cairn puppies, which I had purchased at Muddy Creek Originals 
on my way back from spring break. The puppies are wearing what I assume to be kilts?
 I wanted to tie the blue alphabet bears in a little more, so I constructed pinwheel blocks for the corners.

The original maker used five different fabrics for this project. The majority of blocks are made with white fabric and one blue print, although some of the blocks are combinations of fabrics to make a complete block. The blocks themselves aren't arranged in any particular order or fashion, the prints are scattered around.
 I added 13 [finished] inches to the overall width and length of the quilt, so it's new dimensions are 59" x 89" with the blue sashing and the pinwheel corners. The present plan is to find some additional 30's blue and add a minimum of 6", but no more than 10" of sashing to increase the overall width to something closer to 65"-69". 

And then I'll agonize over what fabric to pick for the back...

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