Monday, March 19, 2012

NPQG Show, Ross Twp.

Last Friday I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with two very dear friends, CJVSK and MAT at the NPQG show. I'd never been to this guild's show before; CJ and M were first timers.

And I forgot my camera. *facepalm*

So these are the horid pictures from my mobile.

There were three of these total at the show; if I remember correctly, it was a guild project. There was an interesting small scale project the guild had done that involved selecting three crayons at random, and making something out of the resulting colors. These crayon projects were grouped together, but these black, white and red samplers were spread out through the show, which I found mildly frustrating since it gave my friends and I a strong sense of deja vous each time we came across one. We would have been very interested in seeing them grouped together for comparison, or at least to calm the feelings of confusion.

I really liked this label; thinking of doing one for the next gift I have to finish, except that I plan on incorporating it into the back of the quilt instead of stitched on after the fact.

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