Thursday, March 29, 2012

completion, part 1

in the spirit of showing off things that are actually finished, I dug up some very old pictures.

This is a lap sized blanket that I still have in my possession... in fact, I often forget it's there... I should enter it in a show...

This came from a book, the title of which is lost to me, but it was something about fast, stack-and-whack quilts, the tag "in-a-weekend" might have been in there, too. This was pattern #26 [?] and was definitely called "Irish Sticks and Stones". I wish I knew what the book was called, because there were some wonderful patterns in it. There was another pattern in it that was a variation of this one called Celtic in the City. I made it with design help from my friend Laura, who now lives in Michigan. Well, she was in Michigan last I knew.

The assembly of this quilt is painfully simple - one 9 patch squares plus one Rail Fence, with the Rail Fence alternating it's placement horizontally or vertically depending on the row, and it is sewn . I had just enough of the materials to make this quilt without having to purchase anything except for the back.

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